Battery & Electrification

The low carbon transport revolution is well and truly underway. With highly ambitious government targets at the core, significant levels of new investment and innovation have resulted in a surge of high-technology and start-up companies joining already established industry operators as the future of transportation is re-shaped as we know it.

As one of the UK’s specialist EV, Battery and Fuel Cell recruitment consultancies for the past decade, Consilium is able to support you across a breadth of sub-sectors ranging from Tier 1 technology suppliers and OEMs, through to design consultancies and specialist manufacturing and engineering companies across all transport sectors.

Ranging from Automotive, Off-highway, Commercial Vehicles, Motorsport, Specialist Vehicles and Bikes, through to Aerospace & Aviation, Marine, and Rail we have extensive reach and expertise across all modes.     

Sector Coverage

Due to sustained growth in this fledgling hi-tech sector, competition for qualified and experienced professionals is high. Whether you’re searching for your next mechanical design engineer to develop and test your product, a data analyst to assess the market or a team of electronics technicians to bring your operation to life.


As a recognised authority in the EV & battery recruitment space, Consilium has not just the expertise and network of talent available but also the ability to advise and guide companies on creative candidate attraction, and particularly from near-neighbour and parallel industry sectors when skill-shortages are at a premium.

Our team operates across the UK and into Europe, recruiting engineers, management professionals and industry executives (both permanent & contract) across the following areas of expertise:

  • Electrochemistry and Battery Development
  • Electrical Systems Architecture and Design – HV and LV
  • Battery Integration, BMS, Charging Systems
  • Battery Cell Production - Cylinders, Pouches, Pack
  • Power Electronics, Electric Motors, Superchargers and Energy Recovery
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell development
  • Software Modelling, Simulation & Controls
  • Vehicle and Component Test and Validation
  • Salary and role benchmarking plus competitor analysis
  • Manufacturing set-up from low volume to full scale production

Our assignments range from sourcing individual talent on an ad-hoc basis through to building complete engineering teams. Either way, we’re proud to be the battery & EV technology experts, and we’d be delighted to share our wealth of knowledge with you for any recruitment initiatives or advice sought.

James Colley


If you'd like to find out more about our Battery recruitment service, or if you'd like to find out more about the electric vehicle jobs we recruit for, get in touch with James using the details below.

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