Aircraft orders at an all-time high..!

The aerospace recovery is well and truly underway with global aircraft orders the highest in 10 years with 2,188 in place of which single-aisle aircraft dominate, accounting for around 80% of orders placed in 2023 alone.  

With this backlog predicted to grow further, UK manufacturers and suppliers are already planning ahead for 2024 and beyond!

As aircraft orders continue to surge, global deliveries remain steady and just below 2019 trends with 860 deliveries so far this year, a 12% increase on the same period in 2022.  Deliveries for single-aisle and wide-body aircraft increased by 10% and 24% respectively at the end of Q3.

For the third consecutive month, the backlog of aircraft orders has hit another record breaking high at 14,690 aircraft with 10% growth on Q3 2022.  At current rates, the aircraft on back order are estimated to be worth £229bn to the UK’s aerospace sector alone.

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3rd November

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